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[CHAT WITH US] DFO Gaming/Workstation Laptop/Desktop (Up to i9-13980HX/RTX4090/💥Promo week!!)

RM 1,599.00
[CHAT WITH US] DFO Gaming/Workstation Laptop/Desktop (Up to i9-13980HX/RTX4090/💥Promo week!!) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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Get your favorite Dell's Laptop now without paying hefty price! Dell Offical refurbised stock,offer you the same quality of Dell laptop at much lower cost, while enjoying the same 1 year warranty by Dell Malaysia. 1 YR Warranty for Alienware, Inspiron, XPS and Vostro whereas 3 YR Warranty for Latitude, Optiplex and Precision. Dell 24x7 Phone Support ※ Onsite Engineer ※ Parts Replacement

Ready stocks, ETA is within 5-7 business days


What is Dell Refurbised Stock??
“Refurbished” implies that the product has gone through a comprehensive process -- including repairs, replacements and quality testing -- to bring it to a set standard of performance and quality

At Dell Outlet, we offer tow tiers of certification for refurbished computers. Here are the distinctions between them:

  • (REFURBISHED) condition – Systems been opened/ used / returned to Dell. ※ Rest assured unit have been tested in working condition and meet all the original factory specification before resell. ※ Any hardware issues have done repaired and parts replacement. ※ Certain units may have some observable minor marks (*indicate online if any), but does not impact the performance. ※ Measurement for these scratches are not more than 1 inch cumulative as per Dell Outlet QC standard.
  • (AS NEW) condition - Unused Systems that been cancelled and returned to factory hub, Re-boxing done before resell.

While prices vary based on each level, products under all two tiers come with the same comprehensive warranty and support included with new Dell computers.

Updated : 16/7/2024

RM3,310Inspiron 14 5000 (5410) 2-in-1INS5410:2-IN-1 /i5-1155G7 /8GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIAMX3502GB /WIN11Home /14inchFHDTouch
RM3,354Dell G15 15 Gaming (5520)G155520 /i5-12500H /8GB /256GBSSD /NVIDIARTX30504GB /WIN11Home /15.6inchFHD
RM3,354Inspiron 15 3000 (3530)INS3530 /i7-1355U /16GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIAMX5502GB /WIN11Home /15.6inchFHD
RM3,354Inspiron 15 3000 (3530)INS3530 /i7-1355U /16GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIAMX5502GB /WIN11Home /15.6inchFHD /S
RM3,409Vostro 16 5000 (5630)VOSTRO5630 /i7-1360P /16GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIARTX2050Ti4GB /WIN11Home /16inchFHD+
RM3,684Inspiron 15 3000 (3530)INS3530 /i7-1355U /16GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIAMX5502GB /WIN11Home /15.6inchFHD
RM3,728Latitude 14 3000 (3420)LAT3420 /i5-1135G7 /8GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIAMX4502GB /WIN11Pro /14inchFHD /S
RM3,948Dell G15 15 Gaming (5535)G155535 /AMDRyzen57640HS /16GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIARTX30506GB /WIN11Home /15.6inchFHD
RM4,003Dell G15 15 Gaming (5530)G155530 /i5-13450HX /16GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIARTX30506GB /WIN11Home /15.6inchFHD
RM4,058Inspiron 14 5000 (5440)INS5440 /Intel /16GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIAMX570A2GB /WIN11Home /14inch2.2K /S
RM4,102Dell G15 15 Gaming (5511)G155511 /i7-11800H /16GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIARTX30504GB /WIN11Home /15.6inchFHD
RM4,102Dell G15 15 Gaming (5530)G155530 /i7-13650HX /16GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIARTX30506GB /WIN11Home /15.6inchFHD
RM4,212Dell G15 15 Gaming (5520)G155520 /i7-12700H /16GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIARTX3050Ti4GB /WIN11Home /15.6inchFHD
RM4,212Dell G15 15 Gaming (5530)G155530 /i5-13450HX /16GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIARTX30506GB /WIN11Home /15.6inchFHD
RM4,267Dell G15 15 Gaming (5511)G155511 /i7-11800H /16GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIARTX3050Ti4GB /WIN11Home /15.6inchFHD /S
RM4,267Dell G15 15 Gaming (5511)G155511 /i7-11800H /16GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIARTX3050Ti4GB /WIN11Home /15.6inchFHD
RM4,322Dell G15 15 Gaming (5520)G155520 /i7-12700H /16GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIARTX3050Ti4GB /WIN11Home /15.6inchFHD
RM4,586Precision 15 3000 (3581)PREC153000(3581) /i7-13800H /16GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIARTXA5004GB /UNKNOWN /15.6inchFHD
RM4,751Dell G15 15 Gaming (5530)G155530 /i7-13650HX /16GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIARTX40506GB /WIN11Home /15.6inchFHD
RM4,850Dell G15 15 Gaming (5521)G155521 /i7-12700H /16GB /1TBSSD /NVIDIARTX3050Ti4GB /WIN11Home /15.6inchFHD
RM4,850Dell G15 15 Gaming (5530)G155530 /i7-13650HX /16GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIARTX40506GB /WIN11Home /15.6inchFHD /S
RM4,850Latitude 15 3000 (3550)LAT3550 /i7-1355U /16GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIAMX570A2GB /WIN11Pro /15.6inchFHD
RM4,905Dell G15 15 Gaming (5530)G155530 /i5-13450HX /16GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIARTX40506GB /WIN11Home /15.6inchFHD
RM4,960Dell G15 15 Gaming (5520)G155520 /i7-12700H /16GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIARTX30606GB /WIN11Home /15.6inchFHD
RM4,960Dell G15 15 Gaming (5521)G155521 /i7-12700H /16GB /1TBSSD /NVIDIARTX3050Ti4GB /WIN11Pro /15.6inchFHD
RM5,015Latitude 14 5000 (5440)LAT5440 /i7-1370P /16GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIAMX5502GB /WIN11Pro /14inchFHD
RM5,169Dell G15 15 Gaming (5530)G155530 /i7-13650HX /16GB /1TBSSD /NVIDIARTX40506GB /WIN11Home /15.6inchFHD
RM5,224Precision 14 3000 (3480)PREC143000(3480) /i7-1360P /16GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIARTXA5004GB /WIN11Pro /14inchFHD
RM5,279Dell G15 15 Gaming (5530)G155530 /i7-13650HX /16GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIARTX40608GB /WIN11Home /15.6inchFHD
RM5,334Dell G15 15 Gaming (5535)G155535 /AMDRyzen77840HS /16GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIARTX40608GB /WIN11Home /15.6inchFHD
RM5,389Dell G15 15 Gaming (5530)G155530 /i7-13650HX /16GB /1TBSSD /NVIDIARTX40608GB /WIN11Home /15.6inchFHD
RM5,389Dell G15 15 Gaming (5535)G155535 /AMDRyzen77840HS /16GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIARTX40608GB /WIN11Home /15.6inchFHD
RM5,444Dell G15 15 Gaming (5530)G155530 /i7-13650HX /16GB /1TBSSD /NVIDIARTX40608GB /WIN11Home /15.6inchFHD
RM5,488Inspiron 16 Plus 7000 (7620)INS7620 /i7-12700H /16GB /1TBSSD /NVIDIARTX30606GB /WIN11Home /16inchQHD+
RM5,488Dell G15 15 Gaming (5530)G155530 /i7-13650HX /16GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIARTX40608GB /WIN11Pro /15.6inchFHD
RM5,763Dell G16 16 Gaming (7630)G167630 /i7-13650HX /16GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIARTX40608GB /WIN11Home /16inchQHD+
RM5,818Dell G16 16 Gaming (7630)G167630 /i7-13650HX /16GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIARTX40608GB /WIN11Home /16inchQHD+
RM5,917Dell G15 15 Gaming (5520)G155520 /i7-12700H /16GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIARTX3070Ti8GB /WIN11Home /15.6inchFHD /S
RM5,917Dell G15 15 Gaming (5530)G155530 /i9-13900HX /16GB /1TBSSD /NVIDIARTX40608GB /WIN11Pro /15.6inchFHD
RM5,972Dell G16 16 Gaming (7630)G167630 /i7-13650HX /16GB /1TBSSD /NVIDIARTX40608GB /WIN11Home /16inchQHD+
RM5,972Precision 16 7000 (7670)PREC167000(7670) /i5-12600HX /32GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIARTXA10004GB /WIN11Pro /16inchFHD+
RM6,082Dell G16 16 Gaming (7630)G167630 /i7-13650HX /16GB /1TBSSD /NVIDIARTX40608GB /WIN11Home /16inchQHD+
RM6,082Precision 15 3000 (3581)PREC153000(3581) /i7-13800H /32GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIARTXA10006GB /WIN11Pro /15.6inchFHD
RM6,236Dell G15 15 Gaming (5530)G155530 /i9-13900HX /32GB /1TBSSD /NVIDIARTX40608GB /WIN11Home /15.6inchFHD
RM6,346Dell G16 16 Gaming (7630)G167630 /i7-13650HX /16GB /1TBSSD /NVIDIARTX40608GB /WIN11Home /16inchQHD+
RM6,775XPS 15 - 9520XPS9520 /i7-12700H /16GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIARTX3050Ti4GB /WIN11Home /15.6inchFHD+
RM7,094Dell G16 16 Gaming (7630)G167630 /i9-13900HX /16GB /1TBSSD /NVIDIARTX40708GB /WIN11Home /16inchQHD+
RM7,204Dell G16 16 Gaming (7630)G167630 /i9-13900HX /16GB /1TBSSD /NVIDIARTX40708GB /WIN11Home /16inchQHD+
RM7,204Dell G16 16 Gaming (7630)G167630 /i9-13900HX /16GB /1TBSSD /NVIDIARTX40708GB /WIN11Home /16inchQHD+ /S
RM7,204Precision 14 5000 (5470)PREC145000(5470) /i7-12700H /16GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIARTXA10004GB /WIN11Pro /14inchFHD+
RM7,468Alienware m16 Ryzen EditionALIENWAREM16RYZENEDITION /AMDRyzen77745HX /16GB /1TBSSD /NVIDIARTX40608GB /WIN11Home /16inchQHD+
RM8,326Alienware m16 R2ALIENWAREM16R2 /Intel /16GB /1TBSSD /NVIDIARTX40608GB /WIN11Home /16inchQHD+
RM8,535XPS 15 - 9530XPS9530 /i7-13700H /32GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIARTX40506GB /WIN11Home /15.6inchOLED3.5KTouch
RM9,019Precision 14 5000 (5480)PREC145000(5480) /i7-13700H /16GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIARTXA10006GB /WIN11Pro /14inchQHD+Touch
RM9,063Precision 16 5000 (5680)PREC165000(5680) /i7-13800H /16GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIARTXA10006GB /WIN11Pro /16inchFHD+ /ASNEW
RM9,118XPS 15 - 9530XPS9530 /i9-13900H /32GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIARTX40708GB /WIN11Pro /15.6inchFHD+
RM9,283Precision 16 5000 (5680)PREC165000(5680) /i7-13800H /32GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIARTXA10006GB /WIN11Pro /16inchFHD+
RM9,283Precision 16 7000 (7680)PREC167000(7680) /i7-13850HX /32GB /1TBSSD+512GBSSD /NVIDIARTXA10006GB /WIN11Pro /16inchFHD+
RM9,338Precision 16 7000 (7680)PREC167000(7680) /i7-13850HX /32GB /1TBSSD /NVIDIARTX2000Ada8GB /WIN11Pro /16inchFHD+
RM9,437Precision 14 5000 (5470)PREC145000(5470) /i9-12900H /32GB /2TBSSD /NVIDIARTXA10004GB /WIN11Pro /14inchQHD+Touch
RM9,492Alienware x16 R2ALIENWAREX16R2 /Intel /16GB /1TBSSD /NVIDIARTX40608GB /WIN11Home /16inchQHD+
RM9,492Precision 14 5000 (5480)PREC145000(5480) /i7-13800H /32GB /1TBSSD /NVIDIARTXA10006GB /WIN11Pro /14inchQHD+Touch /S
RM9,712Alienware m16 R2ALIENWAREM16R2 /Intel /32GB /1TBSSD /NVIDIARTX40708GB /WIN11Home /16inchQHD+
RM9,811Precision 16 5000 (5680)PREC165000(5680) /i7-13700H /32GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIARTX2000AdaGeneration8GB /WIN11Pro /16inchFHD+
RM10,086Precision 16 5000 (5680)PREC165000(5680) /i7-13800H /32GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIARTX2000AdaGeneration8GB /WIN11Pro /16inchFHD+
RM10,185Alienware m18 Ryzen EditionALIENWAREM18RYZENEDITION /AMDRyzen97845HX /64GB /1TBSSD /NVIDIARTX40708GB /WIN11Pro /18inchQHD+
RM10,933Alienware x16 R2ALIENWAREX16R2 /Intel /32GB /1TBSSD /NVIDIARTX40708GB /WIN11Pro /16inchQHD+
RM10,933Precision 16 5000 (5680)PREC165000(5680) /i9-13900H /32GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIARTX2000AdaGeneration8GB /WIN11Pro /16inchFHD+
RM10,988Alienware m18 Ryzen EditionALIENWAREM18RYZENEDITION /AMDRyzen97845HX /16GB /1TBSSD /NVIDIARTX408012GB /WIN11Home /18inchQHD+
RM11,197Alienware x16ALIENWAREX16 /i9-13900HK /32GB /1TBSSD /NVIDIARTX408012GB /WIN11Home /16inchQHD+
RM11,307XPS 14 - 9440XPS9440 /Intel /64GB /1TBSSD /NVIDIARTX40506GB /WIN11Pro /14.5inchOLED3.2KTouch
RM11,626Precision 16 7000 (7680)PREC167000(7680) /i7-13850HX /32GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIARTX3500AdaGeneration12GB /UNKNOWN /16inchOLEDUHD+Touch
RM11,846Precision 16 5000 (5680)PREC165000(5680) /i9-13900H /64GB /1TBSSD /NVIDIARTX2000AdaGeneration8GB /WIN11Pro /16inchFHD+
RM12,110Precision 14 5000 (5480)PREC145000(5480) /i9-13900H /64GB /1TBSSD /NVIDIARTX3000AdaGeneration8GB /WIN11Pro /14inchFHD+
RM13,232Precision 16 5000 (5680)PREC165000(5680) /i9-13900H /32GB /512GBSSD /NVIDIARTX4000AdaGeneration12GB /WIN11Pro /16inchFHD+
RM13,441Precision 16 7000 (7680)PREC167000(7680) /i9-13950HX /32GB /1TBSSD /NVIDIARTX4000AdaGeneration12GB /WIN11Pro /16inchFHD+
RM13,870Alienware x16 R2ALIENWAREX16R2 /Intel /32GB /1TBSSD /NVIDIARTX409016GB /WIN11Home /16inchQHD+
RM14,937Precision 17 7000 (7780)PREC177000(7780) /i7-13850HX /8GB /256GBSSD /NVIDIARTX409016GB /WIN11Pro /17inchUHD
RM17,764Precision 16 5000 (5680)PREC165000(5680) /i9-13900H /32GB /1TBSSD /NVIDIARTX5000AdaGeneration16GB /WIN11Pro /16inchOLEDUHD+Touch

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